<Message from the Chairman>
After taking over after Ueda former chairman, I would like to make it as a chairman of the Asahi Street Store even though it is very powerful and to become a shopping district rooted further locally.
What kind of towns do you want to make specifically in the local town though it is healthy and locally rooted shopping streets? First, there is only one escalator in the west entrance of Kashiwa station compared with east exit, and people concentrate there Doing. Therefore, by installing another one on Asahi Dori side, the risk of traffic congestion relaxation of crosswalk between Urara and Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and contact with the car is prevented, and the flow of people is dispersed to South entrance ticket gates By doing so, it will be expected to lead to further revitalization of central ticket gate congestion. Asahi Avenue is located ahead of the Toyoshiki Complex, so I would like to make it a shopping area that can be used from a wide range of age groups, not to mention young people. Since I think that pedestrian heaven is possible at the west entrance is asahihaba way, I think that it would like to hold an event that would like to go to Kashiwa station even for elderly people with Asahi-dori as a pedestrian on an irregular basis We are.
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation from everyone in the future.

Chairman Hideki Tawara